CU Bow Freebie :o)

Freebie CU OK Bow, Full Size saved in png. Included is the red original bow and 2 greyscaled bows light and dark ;o)

Download HERE.


Gothic Inspirations said...

Whoohoo! Thank you very much hun. Snagged & So Loved. Hugs, Jess

Mincrisar said...

fab cu items!! thx so much for sharing!

Lauralee said...

Your submitted Freebie will be shared on
CU Freebies Only Blog!!
Thursday February 11th 2010 at 12:01 AM!!
Your Place to find Commercial Use Scrap Booking Freebies!
Thanks For Sharing your Time and Talent with us!

Aurélie said...

thank you for your generosity !!

Mythical said...

Thank you so much . You rock!

Chris said...

Good Morning Darkest Yarrow,

It's 9.20, I've been up all night and Just found Your Lovely Blog, You have some Amazing freebies and I feel I have to leave some Respect as I have snagged a few!
I Used to be So more Goth than this, I haven't picked up my guitar or written a song in a Decade!
I did take a load of photos of the graveyard in the snow a few months back...but that is about as good as it gets.
You're Talented, Enjoy every second, they seem to pass soo quick!
I think I need My Bed I am feeling Old n' emotional!
My Best Wishes & Good Luck for the Future.
P.s. I am Loving the current spate of Vampire series, My Favorite film was 'the Lost Boys' (That totaly dates me!)Bye

Deanna said...

Thank you! :)
Is it ok to use these bows in a freebie kit?

Dark Yarrow said...

Yes honey, it sure is! x

myrrhmaid319 said...

Thank-you for the bow template!