Hello! It's been a VERY long time since I've logged in here and actually braved it today to have a look 🙈lol! A lot has changed and I seem to of lost the background to my blog and a lot of bits and bobs. I'm not sure if anyone still comes here anymore!

Anyhows, I've had a lot of ups and downs in life and was away for some time and ended up losing everything stored on my web site as well as my 4shared because I hadn't logged in for a while it got deleted 😳 None of my freebies work here anymore but I have thought about re-adding them somewhere if anyone was at all interested? (luckily I saved some on my external!) and if anyone still follows? *tumbleweed and a breeze*  lolzz

I've been giving things a lot of thought lately and I am thinking of creating new CU again and possibly scrap kits? I've been tubing again and it's brought everything back to me and I think I might miss it 😝 hehe! Any thoughts? *brushes off dust & cobwebs* xox 💗