Freebie Mini Kit

Store clearout, mini tag/page kit:

Tagger Size HERE

Full Size HERE


Another CU Freebie

Posting another store clearout freebie :o)

Click image to download ;o)


Store Clear Out Freebies

Digital Chaos is currently having a re-vamp and will be re-opening again on the 11th of July is all goes according to plan lol!

I've been having a clear out and removed a lot of CU stuff, I am posting them as freebies here but some of them are old and the files inside are old with old links to the old store etc. I haven't and won't have time to change them but none of it really matters because the new store link is up on the old one anyway ;o)

To download click the previews ;o)

 Full Size HERE  Tagger Size HERE


Please Help This Sweet Lady

Friends this is a worthy and important cause...Patty of Honored Scraps lost her father and she and her family live in a different state and Patty needs to get to her fathers funeral and also she cannot have possession of her fathers ashes until the funeral bill is paid in full. 9 very sweet and compassionate designers came together and made a beautiful collab to raise money for Patty so she can not only get to her fathers funeral but also be able to go home with her fathers ashes. If your able to spare a few dollars please go to Treasured Scraps and purchase this lovely collab for Patty. Thanks xxx

You can find this collab...HERE