Black No.1 Freebie Blog Background

Freebie blog background 1044 x 792 pixels made with my Black No.1 Scrap Kit available HERE

No need to host the image anywhere it's already hosted for you ;o) url to image: or if you want to save and host the image yourself then click image for full size and right click to save to your computer ;o)

Sorry no header for it yet, when I have time to make one i'll edit here ;o)

If you're unsure on how to add a blog background please feel free to mail me:



NaTT said...

Background is amazing! Can I use it ?

Dark Yarrow said...

Yes of course, please feel free to use ;o) and thank you! x

NaTT said...

Awww, isn't big enought >.<
T_T The link to the big size not works but it's so cute!