New 2 in 1 Kit + Freebie :o)

Hello :o)

I have a new 2 in 1 kit available at Digital Chaos called 'Opposites Attract' which you can find in Tagger Size HERE and Full Size HERE

Full Size kit:
Papers 3600 x 3600 saved in jpg format, elements saved in png format.

Tagger Size kit:
Papers 700 x 700 saved in jpg format, elements saved in png format.

Contains a light kit and a dark kit. Each contains a blank frame, wraps + hinge for you to mix and match your own frames:

Total Kit Contents:

24 papers
11 frames
3 window frames
12 wraps
1 hinge
1 alpha
6 bows
9 butterflies
3 dragonflies
1 silver dragonfly
1 cast pewter element
4 beaded clips
3 flowers
3 forget me nots
3 blossoms
3 bougainville flowers
5 heart/wings elements
3 heart ribbon elements
12 heart charms
6 zippers
1 devil fork
1 studs
3 ribbon + plates


I've made an add-on freebie for you in both Full and Tagger sizes which contains:

6 papers
4 frames
4 buttons
6 ribbons
3 stitched heart elements
3 bows
6 flowers


You can download the FULL SIZE freebie from HERE


I hope you like them :o) and remember I love to see any tag creations that you make ;o) please feel free to mail anything you make to me at:




Robyn said...
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rhon said...

Totally love this kit Yarrow! I got it and TYVM for the freebie too!


TerriM said...

Great kit and a neat way to display the kits in the 2 colors. I so appreciate that you made it available in both sizes as I prefer full sized kits. Thanks bunches. Hugs - - xoxo!! (terri - hawaii)

Evelyn said...

Awesome kit! TY XXX